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The Ultimate Guide: Sex Adventure with A Super Model

Hours before a date with the hottest Indian woman you’ve ever met and you know there is gonna be action. The restaurant part is covered, but what about the bedroom part? Are you ready to walk that extra mile to satisfy her in bed? I mean really rock her world, so she comes back for more, over and over again! Here are some pro tips that can help you make the most of everything.

Educate Yourself

Wanna know what works most for super-hot Indian women? Check out भारतीयसेक्सवीडियो.com . There are tons of great MMS XXX videos that will introduce you to a world of pleasure. A World that is all about pleasuring each other in a way that is acceptable for both parties.

The Most Important Rule

The greatest pleasure is not only to receive pleasure but to give as well. That’s the part to the ultimate orgasm and how you turn sex into something more. A sexually pleased woman will do anything and everything for her man, and that goes both ways. There is no replacement for great sex. No money or wealth can provide what a great and meaningful sex can do for your love life.

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This is How I Discovered my Kink for Threesomes

Hi there! I want to share a little story with all of you. I’m a young healthy male in my early 20’s, having a big dick, and while I’ve had the rare experience with women on my early teens, I’m by no means a womanizer. Getting together with the girl I am with right now was hard enough to try to hunt down more of them. What I mean here is that I’m a chill guy. Like most men I do have a mind that tends to run off a little wild sometimes, I like to fantasize a lot. The great thing about it is that my girlfriend is very open-minded and she always does her best to fulfill my fantasies. One of the best sides of our relationship is that we are both geek-types, you know, we look good side by side, but we rather spend a lot of time reading manga, watching anime and having sex than going to a club to get hammered.

Recently my girl started to get into hentai and that kind of stuff. I’ve read some of it with her, and most of what she likes is pretty hot and heavy stuff. I started to notice a theme in everything she was reading: It was always one guy taking on a lot of girls at once. Some of them were pretty funny, most of them read like a challenge waiting to happen.

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How The Internet Made Us Come Together

Ever since I got a girlfriend, my friends always thought I would finally settle down and my days of one night stands hardcore porn would finally be over. I thought so too, for a time. In all honesty, my girlfriend was not going to go for an open relationship and insisted that if we are going to stay together, I have to commit and give her my 100%. Surprisingly, this even works for a limited time, but it wasn’t before long that I realized that the traditional committed relationship was just not something I would be interested in.

Not my thing

I wasn’t sure if I should talk to my girlfriend about this. She already made it clear that seeing other people meant breaking up with her and I actually liked her. It was always easier just to go behind her back and sleep with other woman regardless. I knew that it would be only a matter of time before I was caught and our relationship was over, but I didn’t have another choice. So, I started seeing other girls. It was pretty much casual and a one-time thing for the most time like into the POV porn scenes, but there were a few adventurous girls I liked.

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How I Found My Horny Mature Angel To Play With

I have always had the most curious taste in women. I can’t count how many times people have told me that. I always brushed it off and wondered what is it about these women people find unusual, until one day I realized that my preference usually runs among mature women. I can’t believe that something like that never occurred to me before, but once it did, it took me some time to digest and fully accept.

Easy one night stands were easy

Mature women weren’t too hard for me to date. Admittedly, I did have to use a dating app to get in touch with some of them, but the kind I’d find using this method wasn’t looking for anything special. A one night stand, at best, and they’d be gone. I needed to explore this craving of mine, but I could hardly find a mature woman who just happened to look for a long-term relationship.

Porn helped to a point, but it wasn’t enough

Until I could figure out how to meet a woman to explore all of these fantasies with, all I could do was deal with a series of one night stands. On the odd chance that I wasn’t able to find one for the night, I had amassed a large collection of porno amateur videos just covering mature women. I had a few classics to go back to when going solo and the rest of my nights were filled with easy going girls. I didn’t even believe what I was just about to get into.

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I Accidentally Stumbled Into The Best Thing In The World

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with sex. So much that I never really chose partners. I preferred quantity over quality and I was never the one to settle down for a relationship of any kind. At the mere mention of commitment, I would feel a cold shiver ran down my spine. I always thought that life was meant to be lived and that you shouldn’t limit yourself to only one partner if there are thousands of them out there you never experienced before.

It was pretty hard for me to get laid

The place I lived in was generally small, so what happened over here mattered over there.  Pretty soon, I had a reputation of a guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants. As much as there are women who get turned on by that kind of a concept and would like to give me a blowjob, the vast majority of them would veer away, making my sex life hundreds of times harder to manage. Before I knew it, girls would refuse to give me their phone number or even talk to me for prolonged periods of time. I have reached a standstill and I didn’t know what to do for the first time in my life.

I tried turning back to porn

The first logical thing to come to mind was to turn to porn, merely to relieve myself while I wait for the main course.

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Doing Things My Way – The Best POV Experience Of A Lifetime

I could never get off during sex. Mostly because I spent my years jacking off to porn so much that I forgot what the real thing felt like. I have no idea how it happened. I just stopped being aroused at the thought of having sex with a woman and found myself turned on at the thought of watching the action unfold. At first, I thought it must have been some kind of a creepy fetish in development. I looked it up, and it looks like you get desensitized to real sex if you spend a long enough time without it. While I wasn’t eager to get back to finding girls to fuck, I was desperate to learn more about how to satisfy my new cravings.

I always to have it feel real

The one thing I always hated about porn is breaking the sense of the immersion. What I mean by this, I always imagined I was the one fucking whatever girl was moaning and screaming throughout the video. If I got to see a guy’s big cock, I would get broken out of my immersion and it no longer felt that real. I hear a lot of guys have that issue, so I was slightly relieved that I wasn’t alone on this. That still didn’t help solve my problems. I was still unsure of how to go on about it and if I should even be asking someone for help.

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Realize The Hottest Fantasies In Your Mind At The Comfort Of Your Home

So, about a year ago I met this fabulous guy. I wasn’t planning to get into a relationship at that time, but things just sort of got out of control as soon as I first met him. He was this gorgeous hunk of muscle that had no shame, and he made all the right moves to get me into bed. He instantly became my obsession, and I couldn’t have stopped thinking about him even if I wanted to. The problem was, he wasn’t really looking for a committed relationship. It was mostly a player , and after we had been seeing each other for about a few months, he started hinting at the things he likes during sex like in  amateur gay sex videos.

Getting to know our future

One of his biggest turn ons was to have someone watch while he fucked the hell out of my tight hole. At first, I was very uncomfortable with the idea of a threesome, let alone their being another man in our bedroom, but he insisted so much that I had to find some sort of a compromise and an idea occurred to me after a few quick Google searches. He specifically wanted someone to watch us fucking like rabbits, which means that no one actually had to be there with us while we were doing it. I saw this website which featured a lot of homemade gay xxx, and it’s pretty rare to find it online. Everything is usually scripted and most of the guys you see on screen are actually gay for pay. The few videos I had a chance to see were as hot as ever because they were real and the guys fucking weren’t faking any emotions.

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I Found the Black That Made Me Never Go Back

Everyone who watches porn has a thing for certain types. Some people love big-tit blonde bimbos, others like anal sex. Some are into DP, face-fucking, some just get off faster to a redhead, but the point is – everybody has a type. Luckily, the adult film industry caters to those niches, so there will always be something, at least one video you can watch, that comes as close to the stuff that fuels your fantasies during the night. I wasn’t extremely picky, in the sense that I’d get off to just about anything you put in front of me, but I did have a certain attraction to the black ladies.

Hard to find good porn these days

It’s hard to find the genuine kind of pleasure in porn. Most of it is scripted, acted out poorly, and if you look at it for long enough, the girls look just about as if they can’t wait for the camera to shut off. I ignored it for a good while, too, but it just became too much for me to actively have to push back in order to get my release. I spent a really long time looking for the kind of porn movies that were natural, that screamed passion and didn’t go overboard showing how much the main actors wanted each other. The only good kind of chemistry and emotion I saw was in real, actual movies, not porn. Unfortunately, the best bits are usually cut to black there, so I knew that watching the 30 second hot rump while the actors were either half-naked or still fully clothed wasn’t going to do it for me.

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I always wondered if there was a way for me to have fun and make money. At first, the concept seemed strange and impossible to me. Finding something you love doing and supporting yourself financially seems like something you would only see in the movies and never in real life. Looking back, I can’t express how wrong I was!

No limits and no holding back

It all started off like a fun way to pass time. I love sex, and doing it in so many different places with so many different guys made me more turned on than I could ever imagine. After a smoldering threesome and getting my pussy pounded in by two big cocks, one of the guys I fucked revealed that he filmed us in action. At first, I was mortified. I wasn’t sure about how widespread it could get and what the consequences might be. But then he showed me this website called pornotumblr. It really looked like your average porn sharing website, uploading half-baked sex scenes for a quick jerk off session. But I soon came to find out it was so much more than that.

I never really thought finding  homemade anal porn would be so easy! Most of the stuff you can find online is usually staged and scripted all the way through to the end. The best part is that filming this kind of porn takes literally no effort! It’s all natural, raw and has the capability of getting anyone or near than they thought they could ever get.

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My Lovers To Be For The Whole World To See

I thought I’d wind up being alone, what with my sexual appetite never being completely satisfied. Seriously, I could go through up to ten guys in one day without breaking a sweat and I’d still feel like something is missing later. But it would be wrong to say that I was anywhere near being a relationship guy. No, quite the contrary, I’d bag ‘em, tag ‘em and go look for the next one before I even took a shower. I don’t know why, but my sexual appetite was through the roof and there was no stopping me. I even tried to search for handsome, strong guys on the internet via adult dating site.

The thrill of the hunt

I’m the kind of guy who likes to brag about his trophies and wild hunts, but most of my ‘boyfriends’ don’t like to be paraded around. What they don’t realize is that I want them just for show, just to walk them around a place if they’re especially good looking, just to get a few heads turning and to be asked if I bagged that guy. Most of the guys I fucked just didn’t like that kind of an approach, so I had to come up with a strategy. I installed a hidden camera in my bedroom, just below the ceiling fan. It was cleverly disguised and perfect for my future gay xxx videos. It was my dream come true! I could film myself to my heart’s content fucking these little twinks and breaking them in half, and they’d never even know!

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